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We represent Intended Parents working with Gestational Carriers and Gestational Carriers who have matched with Intended Parents, either privately or through an agency.  

A Gestational Carrier is not genetically related to the child.

She carries an embryo or embryos created with the Intended Mother's egg or a Donor's egg and the Intended Father's sperm

or a Donor's sperm.


A Gestational Carrier Agreement defines the rights and obligations of all parties.  This document is the basis for establishing the parental rights of the Intended Parents, and terminating the parental rights of the Gestational Carrier.

In New York, Gestational Carrier Agreements are governed by

The Child Parent Security Act.

In Maine, Gestational Carrier Agreements are governed by

Title 19-A, Chapter 61: Maine Parentage Act, Subchapter 8.

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