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An increasing number of individuals find themselves in the position of having remaining embryos after their families are complete.  Deciding what to do with remaining embryos can bring up complicated emotions.  Janene can help guide your decision making regarding your remaining embryos including entering into an open embryo donation arrangement, a closed embryo donation arrangement, or an embryo disposition agreement.


Whether you are a hopeful parent considering  growing your family through embryo donation, or find yourself exploring donation options for your remaining embryos, Janene is here to guide and assist you.

If you possess cryopreserved embryos that you do not intend to use for your own family building, please consider directing what should be done with these embryos in the event of your death or divorce in a legally binding contract.  Embryo disposition agreements are an important part of family planning and can prevent a dispute over your cryopreserved embryos in the future.

If you are deciding what to do with your frozen embryos in the context of a divorce, or fighting for control of your embryos, do not hesitate to reach out.

Exploring embryo donation?

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