Parents with Newborn Baby


Parentage Orders or Judgments of Parentage are court orders securing the Intended Parent(s) status, rights, and obligations as the legal parent(s) of the child(ren).  Parentage Orders may be obtained by Intended Parents who conceived a child through assisted reproduction.


The Maine Parentage Act sets forth eight main mechanisms for establishing parentage. 


The Child Parent Security Act has simplified the path to securing legal parentage for individuals, unmarried couples, and same sex couples in New York who have conceived a child through assisted reproduction.


We have experience petitioning the courts in Maine and New York, prior to the birth of the child, to have the names of the Intended Parent(s) placed on the child's birth certificate and their legal parentage established at the moment of birth.  This is referred to as a pre-birth order.  We also help clients obtain post-birth parentage orders as required.